lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

Una canción # Love is easy - McFly

Today I’m laughing the clouds away 
I hear what the flowers say 
Drinking a drop of rain 
And I see places that i have never been 
Things that I’d never seen 
This side of the grass is green 

Oh I can’t believe that it's so simple 
It feels so natural to me 

If this is love then love is easy 
It's the easiest thing to do. 
If this is love, then love completes me 
Cause the proof is I've been missing you 
A simple equation, 
With no complications to leave you confused. 
If this is love love love, 
Oh it’s the easiest thing to do 

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  1. Hola :) Te he nominado a un premio, espero que te guste. Un beso^^